Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swimming Lessons - 2009

Today was the last day of swimming lessons for Kayli and Kambrielle. They started them the end of may and they ended today. This week was sort of a make-up for missed lessons due to pool closures and the teacher being sick. We had lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30. The nice thing was that the teacher came here and they were held at our pool. Not too bad of a commute!

This is the girls with their teacher Angeli. She is a marathon and triathlon competitor and teaches PE and Chemistry during the school year. She does swimming lessons during the summers to augment her amazingly high teacher salary. (If you thought teachers in the US were paid bad.....)

Kayli perfected her freestyle stroke this summer and learned the back stroke and the butterfly. Her butterfly is really strong.......I see a swim team member in high school! She started learning Olympic turns this week and her homework was to work on them the rest of the summer. Not her favorite thing to do, but they sure look cool when people do them!

Kambrielle came to the DR five months ago with pretty much no swimming skills. I had signed her up for lessons but things kept getting in the way and then last year they closed the pools in Utah due to cryptosporum (sp?) and so her lessons were cancelled. The breaks of being the last child!
Since she has been swimming all the time and having great lessons she is now an outstanding swimmer. She has the crawl stroke down to a T, with the right breathing technique, can do the back stroke, and started the butterfly this week. Pretty good for a 7 year old! Plus, she looks so cute in her new yellow swimsuit, mirror goggles and lime green swimcap!