Saturday, January 15, 2011


Tonight I wore pirate skull and crossbones earrings to the adult session of Stake Conference. Like this, but mine are gold.......

I am becoming a rebel.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

first generation church members

Church here is a lot different than at home.

No, the women don't have the priesthood (wait, in one branch on one of the islands a misguided leader DID do that) and the gospel teachings are the same.....but some times some strange things pop up.

I have to remember that most of the members here are first generation; meaning that they are the first person in their family to be baptized. This leads to some sweet teaching moments. About a month ago, a dad was blessing his baby. He went up to the pulpit to do the blessing and started talking, welcoming people, etc. The bishop pulled him aside of the microphone, with Elder Coleman, and the father was given about a three minute instruction on how to give a baby blessing. It was a sweet moment as this dad was given instruction and we practiced patience and love.

Forward to today. I was sitting in sharing time for primary, happy that the Primary Presidency had come today. Last week everyone was gone and so I got to do sharing and singing time. One of the counselors got up to do the sharing time. She is new in primary (since I have been here) and is a very visual, tactile person. She always has great visuals for the children to see and focus on. Today she was sharing how the scriptures and their teachings are a great treasure for us, better than earthly treasures. She had a beautiful red cloth draped over the table area and then placed a box in the middle of it with different jewelry pouring out of it. Great visual aid.......too bad the box was from a bottle of Johnny Walker.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fasting funny

Kambrielle began to fast when she turned eight in July. It is a huge struggle for her every month and she is trying to get through it.

This last Sunday she began way too tired....having teen-age sisters doesn't do much for her bed time. We just forget that she is only eight and let her stay up with us. And then we pay the price the next day.

So, Kami was ultra-tired and then went to primary and the substitute teachers brought everyone in class cookies if they were good. All the other kids ate theirs immediately and Kami held on to hers. So, here she is staring at these delicious cookies and knowing that she has to wait and wanting to wait, but wanting to eat them too! (Know the feeling?)

She started whining and whining and whining and........ Finally we had all had it! Kevin told her to find something to keep her mind off it and she cried "I did! I was practicing my Spanish on Rosetta Stone and it started a new lesson! It had me saying 'Ella come. El come. Ella bebe. El bebe' I can't stand it!!!!"

I burst out laughing......translated those mean; "She eats. He eats. She drinks. He drinks."

She just couldn't win.