Saturday, May 8, 2010


We had Kaitlin's basketball invitational tournament today. The girls Varsity team had basketball going on, while the boys JV and Varsity soccer had games outside. Quite a lot of fun. Kaitlin's games started around 8:00. There were 3 games, with about a 20-30 minute break between, and then on to elimination for the final game. They won the first game, lost the second by one point in the last 10 seconds, lost the third game by four.

Kaitlin played almost the entire time.....maybe sitting out 3-5 minutes per game. Needless to say she is exhausted. However, she did great on her rebounding and putting in some shots. She made more than half the points in the first game!!! Great job Bubbs!

They lost the first round elimination game by 5 points. The last game was played on the outside court and the girls just had this glazed look in their eyes as they pushed it for all that they could to finish in the heat and humidity. Kevin and I were texting about the games, as they went on (I am the slowest texter in the history of the world), so that he could feel a part of the action while he is flying home from a long trip today.

I ran home between the 2nd and third games and got the girls to come and cheer on the team. Kambrielle watched a while and then ran out to play on the playground and blow bubbles while Kari immersed herself in a book (she looked up enough times to get furious with the other agressive team!) and Kayli was my water/gatorade/flavored water runner to buy things in the cafeteria while I yelled and cheered my head off (I was a cheerleader, you know. Don't worry, I didn't bring my pompoms or anything...... this time.)

Great job Kaitlin. CAISSA is coming up at the end of the month. This is a competition where other international schools come in. We will be hosting two girls in our home during that time. Should be a lot of fun!!!

With love,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cultural Differences

So, just about every day I think of something that I want to put on my blog. And then I think about all the time that has passed without writing and how I need to "catch up" (being the crazed OCD manager that I am) and so I get exhausted thinking about it and then I do nothing.

Fast forward to now......I am now going to write whenever I want. It will probably be random. It will probably not have a lot of pictures, because my lovely computer likes to freeze up when I am putting on photos (Fred, help me!!!). But it will be me. And I am trying hard to remember the funny, happy things that are going on here. So, beware. Read on if you want.

Yesterday Morena (the lady who helps me clean) was here when the girls got home from school. I went and picked up Kambrielle at school and got Kaitlin and took them to the Ortho for Kaitlin's appointment. The other two girls stayed at school and did basketball (Kayli) and band practice (Kari).

I went back to talk to Morena in the laundry room (she was doing the ironing) (OK, get all your jealousy out now..... yes, it is wonderful to have someone else do the ironing) and Kambrielle came with me. Morena got this happy look on her face (she just loves kids. She was a nanny for 18 years and really, that is her calling) when she was looking at Kambrielle. She loves her, it is obvious, and with a very proud expression said "Ella es gorda! Ellas es gorda y grande!"

Ugh. I didn't know what to say! So, I just said "Si!, esta!" and then went in the other room and busted out laughing. Her sentiment translates to " She is fat! She is fat and large!" I don't think that I would ever have anyone in the US come and proudly tell me how fat and large that my daughter was getting!!!!!

What she was lovingly trying to say, was that Kambrielle was growing and getting big. And in a country where lots of kids are tiny because they don't eat well Kami does look healthy and strong.

I wonder how she would describe ME to other Domincans????????

With love,