Sunday, March 20, 2011

As heard in the car.....

The following were heard on the car ride home from church and while doing the dishes after lunch. Note, these were all discussed in utter sincerity.

Ever wonder what is going on in my children's minds? Take a peek:

Kami: "Mom is lonely a lot. I think that she needs to get herself another man."
Other girls: " It is just that Dad is always at work"
Kami: "Yeah, that's why she needs two men. One to do the working and one to stay home and give her comfort all the time."
Me: "I think that is illegal"
Kami: "Well, I am going to do it when I grow up!"

Kaitlin: "One of the kids in Sunday School was being so stupid. He said he just hates all gays. I told him, 'How can you hate all gays?' and he said he just did"
Kaitlin: " That is really ignorant. Do we hate all people that sin? Do we hate people who smoke because it is a sin? Do we hate Democrats?"
Me: "I didn't know being a Democrat was a sin!"

Kaitlin: "Mom, when I graduate will you take me out for cheesecake?
Me: "Yes. We can do that."
Kari: "Will you take me for cheesecake?"
Me: "Maybe." (BTW Kari asks to go out for cheesecake at least once a week.)
Kayli: "Mom, when Kaitlin graduates we all need to go out to that really yummy restaurant. You know, it's called 'Outhouse'"
Me: "No, it's called Outback. We don't want to eat at the Outhouse Restaurant!"


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I found this note on the countertop yesterday while making the lunches for the kids to take to school. Please note that the high schoolers had allready left for seminary while I was making the lunches. It looks suspiciously like Kari's handwriting. If something happens to one of know who to blame.