Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Overheard at our house.

Heard at our house yesterday after school:

Kami: Mom, you would be so proud of me! The kids asked my why I didn't go to catecismo (catechism) I told them that I was a Mormon and we didn't have it. Then they started asking me about what a Mormon is! And I told them that Mormon wrote the Bible!
Me: Honey, Mormon didn't write the Bible.
Kami: Well, who wrote the Bible?
Me: Different people, You know, like the book of Matthew, the book of John.....
Kami: They were Mormons, right?
Me: No, they weren't Mormons.
Kami: Well, God is Mormon, isn't he?
Kayli: No! God isn't Mormon!
Me: Girls, no fighting....
Kayli: He is Catholic!

I think we need to have some gospel lessons in English........


just a random genius said...

Haha! That made me laugh out loud. You guys are so funny. Thanks for the giggle!

Alysa . . . . and Reed said...

Okay, finally sat down and read this through without a 2 year old and a baby yelling at me. Hilarious! :) That would be confusing, especially in a different language.